February 10, 2021

Professional Family Photographer / Birmingham, Alabama

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Family photography was one of the first genres of photography that I fell in love with. I consider myself a professional family photographer. It’s something that I got gobs of practice at first-hand with my own family, neighbors and other friends, and nephews and nieces. For the longest time, I found it intimidating to photograph adults; children have always been easier to communicate with. (I think this is probably intertwined in my fifteen year history as a teacher.) Children often dictate how the session will go so it’s become my MO to just follow their lead; and by doing so, the photographs are natural and not forced.  Kids are generally happy to be outdoors, which is where my family sessions usually take place. You don’t have to pose them. They really just want to play, and that’s the best thing to document; so play on, little ones!

I had a wonderful fall season packed full of family sessions. It would take an entire year to blog about each one so I thought I’d share some of the best images with you. We photographed in many places such as Rotary TrailMoss Rock, downtown Avondale, and even the cute little city of Cullman, Alabama, just to name a few. It was a blast and my favorite way to spend the fall season!

Let’s dive in! Thanks for reading!
  At the end of each season, I scout new locations for my upcoming sessions. I discovered a new location to use in the spring of 2020 and mentally bookmarked it to visit again. And man, am I glad I did! It was a gold mine! It had a vast and varied landscape and room for everyone. Trust me, I’m not the only photographer clicking my heels over this spot; some afternoons there were several photo sessions taking place. The area is slightly unkempt (just the way I like it), but taken care of just enough that you feel safe photographing families there. It’s large enough too that I photographed there probably 6 or 7 times and it’s hard to tell that I reused the same location.
I really love a beautiful, natural location, especially in the fall, but it’s also nice to break away and photograph in a city setting. I had so much fun with a family in downtown Avondale, walking along their sidewalks and photographing outside of the cool buildings like Saturn with it’s corrugated, metal wall. What’s really cool is when you find a place like Rotary Trail, which is in the city, but also has a natural component.

Avondale Park is one of my all-time favorite locations for family sessions. Who doesn’t love its history and the unique stone amphitheater! This particular shoot was really fun because the family dressed up, but they were still incredibly playful! Check out the adults on the playground equipment. I love it!
Tired of looking at beautiful families yet? No? GREAT! Scroll on!
Family Photography is one of my passions. I enjoy being around children, and I especially love documenting their natural play and interactions with other family members. (I’ve even gotten better at talking to adults. Ha!)

Take a look at the family photography section of my website to see other examples of my favorite images, and to read more blog posts featuring family photography, please go here. Hopefully, you’ve read the post, looked at the images, and thought, “Ya know, I’m going to have to get in touch with her to photograph my family!” or at the very least, “That wasn’t a waste of five minutes.” And to either of those types of comments, I say, “Thank you!”

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