April 20, 2018

Happy to Be a Magic Hour Photographer!

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In this crazy, sometimes overwhelming, yet wonderful world of ours; we try to find our role. Where do I fit in? No matter our attempts to filter the information we are bombarded with on a daily basis, we file it away and are affected by it-the good and the bad. And of course we’re presented with questions, but not just the hypothetical ones like, “Why did all of those people have to die in ______?” (You can fill in the blank with any number of things-natural disasters, shootings, diseases.) Life is certainly a roller coaster and while I understand the yin and yang concept, it sure would be nice to have more sunny, happy days than dark. That idea cultivates the perfect opportunity for us to find our role in being the light that someone needs.

I think a fairly common question we ask ourselves is, “How can I help?” It’s easy to feel like we’re only one person, so what difference can we possibly make? That’s probably not the best attitude though because that leads us right down the road of complacency. I love this quote, “No one can do everything, but everyone can do something.” (The internet has conflicting information about who actually said this.)

BANG Images is happy to announce a new connection made! I await my first family to photograph with the incredible organization Magic Hour! I may or may not be able to share images from these future sessions, but just knowing that I’m helping in a small way is enough for this one photographer reaching out to make a difference. Please use the link to explore Magic Hour. https://magichour.org/


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