March 3, 2020

Birmingham Photography Meet-up

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One of my goals for 2020 is to work with other photographers and collaborate on personal projects more. Lex Soul, a Birmingham photographer has created a way for creatives to do exactly that. She organizes meet-ups between photographers and models that are wildly successful. I’ve been to two of them although there have been many. It’s not easy for this introvert to “get out there” and mix it up with a group of strangers. I am so glad I went to this last meet-up though. I was able to photograph two people I’ve been following on Instagram. How cool is that! Social media is weird and sometimes burdensome, but there are certain things I really like about it. Connecting is definitely easier. Can you imagine if we only called people or sent emails? It’s laughable!
I enjoy photographing people of all ages; you should check out other galleries to see a variety of work. If you’d like to view the portraits gallery to see more work like this, go here.  And to view blog posts featuring portraits, go here.  To schedule your own portrait session, please contact me.

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