February 6, 2023

Birmingham Locations for Maternity Portraits | Bang Images

Location One: Birmingham Botanical Gardens

Birmingham Botanical Gardens, February

The Birmingham Botanical Gardens offers such a variety of natural backdrops for not just maternity portraits, but for all portrait sessions. It does get a bit crowded at times and it is a little overused by photographers, but if you’re interested in a natural setting, especially in the winter, it’s hard to find something as diverse, expansive, clean, and convenient. I have photographed there more times than I can count, and it never disappoints.

Birmingham Botanical Gardens, January

The first four sets of photographs are all from the Botanical Gardens. I like to know what to expect from the location I’m using, so for you photographers and Mamas-To-Be, if you look underneath the images, you’ll see the locations and months in which the sessions were held.

Birmingham Botanical Gardens, November
Birmingham Botanical Gardens, February

It’s not possible to know exactly when the cherry blossoms will bloom at the Botanical Gardens; it can be as early as February, but possibly into April and even early May. (You may be interested in the Cherry Blossom Festival held in April this year.)

Location Two: McCallum Park

McCallum Park, September

One way to combat the heat when you’re pregnant in the summer, especially in Alabama, is to spend time in water. I’ve had many portrait sessions in water, but this was my first and only time to photograph maternity portraits in the water. It was entertaining for her first child and gave me the opportunity to photograph real moments exchanged between this beautiful mama and her little girl.

McCallum Park, July

Not everyone is up for sitting in a creek, but standing by the creek can still make a lovely setting. McCallum Park has a lot to offer photographers. There’s a trail, a wooded area with tall pines, an open field, and a creek.

Location Three: Moss Rock Nature Preserve

Moss Rock Nature Preserve & The Overlook on Shades Crest Road, March
Moss Rock Nature Preserve, December

Moss Rock is a great location pretty much any time of the year. It’s gorgeous in the fall, as one might expect, because of the colorful trees. The thing about photographing in a natural setting in December through March is that it’s hard to find living plant life, and no one really wants their photoshoot locations to look dead. There are large boulders at Moss Rock. For that reason, this natural environment is a little more consistent than some.

Location Four: Oak Mountain State Park

Oak Mountain State Park, March

Oak Mountain State Park is quite large and gives you a variety of locations to photograph. This couple chose the water as their backdrop, but we could have easily walked across the street and photographed in the woods as well.

Location Five: Private Residence

Private Residence, South of Birmingham, September

The last location was a private residence. I’m sharing this one as a reminder that the best locations for maternity portraits are where you’re clients are most comfortable. Sometimes that may be right out their back door.

I hope you find this blog post featuring Locations for Maternity Portraits by this Birmingham Photographer helpful! And if you’re someone in need of a photographer, please contact me and let’s discuss.

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