October 14, 2022

Here’s Your Sign to Book a Portrait Session for Yourself

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Calei and I really tried to utilize color; her pink jumpsuit choice was perfect!

Just in case you were looking for one, here’s your sign to book a portrait session for yourself! Think of it as a kind of self-care. We engage in these acts of self-care all the time. Sometimes they’re simple tasks like brushing your teeth or eating good food; other times you may plan an event like a massage, a hike, or…a portrait session!

Mary styled much of this shoot herself! She chose the clothes and accessories and I chose the location, The PIzitz Food Hall.

If you’re the sort of person who needs to justify something like this, think about it this way-it FEELS GOOD. That’s right. Sure, it may be a little awkward at first, but after you warm up, I think you’ll agree, it’s fun! If you want more reasons to persuade you to book a portrait session, please read ahead.

Tyric booked a two hour session with me; our last stop-the top of a parking deck at sunset!

Don’t you seriously deserve an hour or two to yourself, all about you? If you’re anything like me, being the center of attention just about makes you break out in hives, but somehow it’s different in a portrait shoot. There’s no speech to give or cognitive test; it’s just a relaxing time, but you just happen to spend it being photographed. With the right photographer, you may even enjoy it!

Ann Kathleen really brought the drama to her session and I LOVE IT!

Don’t you also want to be recorded and have beautiful photographs of yourself? People schedule individual sessions for all sorts of reasons. Sometimes it’s to celebrate a birthday or a big personal achievement. But you really don’t have to have a reason at all. Simply being alive is reason enough.

Kristi and I met at Ruffner Mountain, a gorgeous, natural wonder in Birmingham!

I speak from experience; my husband and I recently hired one of my favorite photographers to photograph us. Although I wasn’t alone, I did have some individual shots of me during our session and because I felt so comfortable with the photographer, it was actually pretty great. I’m naturally socially awkward at times and I was worried about appearing that way in our photographs. Because our photographer never let us flounder i.e. stand around questioning what to do, I felt at ease, and the result is a series of photos that I’ll always be grateful for.

I want to be that photographer for you. Yes, you! Even you who stumbles through introductions, says inappropriate things in social situations because your brain lacks a filter, and you, who after spending an hour or two being photographed may need an entire day to recharge before seeing anyone. You especially should book a session. It’s time to be seen.

Rosa was really open to trying creative posing ideas during her portrait session.

So, here’s your sign to book a portrait session for yourself! Take the fact that you found and read this blog post as your sign.

Stephanie was so playful and really got the most out of her portrait session!

Please take a look at other inspirational portrait sessions, and contact me to book yours!

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