Self-portrait Project

In 2018 I completed my first 365 Project. It was wonderful, challenging, and a tad stressful, but I loved it. I'm incredibly grateful for the experience though and will likely do it again in the future. In 2019 I've decided to work on a self-portrait project. I will create a photo a week (minimum) of myself. What a strange concept, to focus on ME. There are many reasons for a project like this. It is definitely a challenge technically; if you've ever taken self-portraits, you know how hard it can be just to get sharp focus. Also, we get way too hung up on having the ideal body and looking "just so" for photographs. I want to throw that idea out the window. Some of these images will be creative, using layering techniques and others will be more straight forward. One photo a week for one year-time to go to work!